The Pack-n-Go Girls Series

Designed by girls for girls who love to play and travel, Pack-n-Go Girls® engages the imagination of children ages 6-9 by introducing them to different countries around the world. Pack-n-Go Girls® early chapter book adventures are packed with spooky mysteries, international friendships, and lots of fun and easy multicultural learning.

2014 Gold Medal – Best Book Series – Chapter Book Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Pack-n-Go Girls presents a mystery series for girls ages 6-9 that includes travel to exotic locations, fun adventures with true blue friends, exploring new languages and cultures, and solving thrilling mysteries together, a fantastic formula for fun and travel-enriched adventure.” – The Midwest Book Review

Discover the haunted castles, secret places, and magical Christmas markets of Austria with Brooke and Eva.


Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost

Nine-year-old Brooke Mason has lived all her life on a ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Now she’s headed to Austria with her mom. Brooke can’t wait! They even get to stay at Schloss Mueller, an ancient Austrian castle. Even better? There’s a girl Brooke’s age to play with. Eva, the girl who lives at Schloss Mueller, is thrilled to meet Brooke. Unfortunately, the castle’s ghost isn’t quite so happy.


Lexile Rating: 480L




Mystery of the Secret Room

It’s raining so Brooke and Eva have nothing to do but play hide and seek in the castle’s attic. It’s just an ordinary game on an ordinary rainy afternoon. But then Brooke stumbles into a room everyone has forgotten for decades. A beautiful porcelain doll sits at a table set for tea for three. It’s as if she’s been waiting for Brooke and Eva to arrive.


Lexile Rating: 480L



Spooky lagoons, quaint villages, and unsolved mysteries! Explore Mexico with Izzy and Patti.


Mystery of the Thief in the Night

Izzy’s family sails into a quiet lagoon in Mexico and drops their anchor. Izzy can’t wait to explore the pretty little village, eat yummy tacos, and practice her Spanish. When she meets nine-year-old Patti, Izzy’s thrilled. Now she can do all that and have a new friend to play with too. Life is perfect. At least it’s perfect until they realize there’s a midnight thief on the loose!


Lexile Rating: 520L



PNG_Mexico 2 Mystery of the DD Cover

Mystery of the Disappearing Dolphin

It’s market day in Barra de Navidad. Izzy and Patti discover a beautiful glass dolphin that Izzy wants more than anything. Unfortunately, it disappears before she can buy it.

Even more unfortunate? It later reappears in Izzy’s bag. Izzy can’t believe the trouble she’s in.