Never Enough Lilacs


The world unravels.

The U.S. enters the war, and families fall apart. Ben Peters disappears behind enemy lines, which sweeps the family into deep despair. Suzanne Schmidt is released from her sentence and spirals out of control as she tries to climb out of her unsettling darkness.

It’s up to Cat to knit the fractured lives together again, but the task will require doing the impossible.

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Why this story? Why now?
From the beginning, I knew this story would bring the macro and the micro together–the values and moral codes we carry as a nation and the values and moral codes we carry as individuals and how they can conflict. Writing this trilogy forced me to think about that tension for me personally. I would love it if I could discover easy answers for myself and give them to the reader as well. It’s not going to happen, though. The most we can do is know what we believe and then be conscious of what we gain and what we lose when we don’t live those values and moral codes.